Facebook Do´s and Don´ts

ImageWith over 50 million daily users of Facebook most businesses are already using Facebook or planning on utilizing the high powered marketing tool within a short amount of time. Whether you are setting up a new Facebook page or stepping back to refocus your message. We ask you two general questions and provide you specific answers for your business or interest.

1.    What do you represent?
Facebook offers a full array of specific business types and services. You need to decide what yu are and market yourself distinctly to your fans. Are you a for profit or non-profit business? Do you run a blog or interest group? Are you a musician or a fan page? Once you realize what you are you can define your purpose.

2.    What is your purpose on Facebook?
Every business has a different message and a different way of communicating to their specific audience. Even though each business is using Facebook, not all of their audiences are seeking the same thing. You must decide whether you are trying to sell product, receive donations, raise awareness or get exposure for your product or brand. Once you’ve decided your purpose creating a message for your audience becomes more streamlined and much more effective

Here are some ideas on how to get started.

Business should be:
•    Posting viable content 1 to 2 times daily
•    Using Videos and pictures of your product for content
•    Hosting a campaign at least once every 3 months
•    Posting product reviews and user comments
•    Providing insight into your business
•    Giving more to your customers than you ask from them

It is not a good business practice to flood potential clients with ads to buy products. Facebook audiences have the choice to “mute” your page and will quickly switch off your posts to avoid being spammed. Avoid cliché pop culture references unless you really know your audience; Hump day, cats and bacon may get big hits on Youtube but your business isn’t looking for quick “likes”, you need quality feedback on what you are presenting.

Non-profits should be:
•    Sharing heartfelt stories and pictures daily
•    Sharing your next event or campaign
•    Sharing how to donate or get involved
•    Hosting campaigns to raise awareness to your site
•    Interacting directly with those that comment on posts
•    Giving short spotlights on those involved from employees to volunteers
•    Again, giving much before you ask for something in return

Stay true to your message because that will be your strongest connection to your audience. Give things away to Facebook followers through campaigns. Thank those that get involved in your effort by posting pictures and videos of their efforts on your page. Make sure you give something to your audience 2 to 3 times before you ask for donations of time or money. If your business has given the audience enough they will respond. Focus on feel good campaigns that inspire your audience to participate online. This will lead to them potentially becoming involved in a non-digital environment.

Bloggers Should Be:
•    Cross promoting other bloggers
•    Showing off Sponsored Products
•    Posting about and running contests
•    Showing off your personality
•    Sharing new posts from your blog

Don’t just use Facebook as another place to only share your blog posts. Though you can share your new posts on your wall only a small amount of your audience will even see it thanks to Facebook’s new ads policy (links show up on less feeds than pictures and text only posts). Use Facebook as a secondary or tertiary way of sharing posts and first as a way to share who you are with your blog family.

Musicians Should Be:
•    Providing exclusive content to you Facebook Following
•    Running Facebook contest for free music or tickets
•    Providing daily pictures of where you are performing
•    Thanking the fans for coming watch you perform
•    Posting Music to tabs to track viewers not just listens
•    Showing personality and have someone check your Faceboom in mail

As mentioned above, do not ask without giving. You are more likely to sell an album or track if your audience has a sample or has listened to the track beforehand.  Though most bands are also on Twitter and Instagram there is no need to flood your followers by posting the same content on all of your networks or pushing everything to Facebook. Lastly, make sure you take the time to respond your fans appreciate it more than you think.

One last word of advice.
Though you can push all of your other social networks to your Facebook wall, DON´T DO IT. It will make your Facebook feed a jumbled mess and people will mute your page. Also, do not post more than once per hour. Music labels are the worst at this. Facebook does not allow you to reach all of your audience. If you post more than once an hour the amount of Facebook impressions (people that see your post) will be cut significantly.


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