Creating a Facebook Page


Before you start:

  • Have your logo ready (300 x 300)
  • Know the purpose of the page and have a short description written. (Here is some more info).
  • Decide what kind of company you are and what you do (Facebook gives you a lot of option so be ready).
  • Have a YourBusinessName picked out. Most will be taken and you don’t want to just make one up on the spot.
  • Have a 1st post for your fans to interact with.
  • See if you have a Facebook advertising credit from your webhost.

To begin go to to get things started. This is where you enter your business name, link a Facebook profile and enter an e-mail so make sure you know who will be the administrator of the page.

Advice: Many business have a business profile created to link directly to their Facebook page. You can find out more here.

The next step is to pick a business type. If you read our “Before You Start” section this will be a breeze if not you’ll have plenty of categories to go through. Don’t worry too much because your administrator can change this at any time.

Once you have your page set up you’ll be sent to you new Facebook Business page where you will be prompted to make sure you have a 300px x 300px ready for this. Submit your short description, webpage and any other information you have ready.

Advice: Go into your setting as change your e-mail setting so your inbox is not flooded with information on likes and other notifications Facebook already gives you.

You’re almost there; submit viable content that new followers can see. Don’t ask people to like a blank page because they are unlikely to do so.

Advice: Your first reaction might be to invite everyone you know to like your new page. To begin with it might help to get some like on your page but realize your personal network may not be interested in actually interacting with you business on Facebook.

Last, using Facebook as your new business page (go to the top right name menu next to the gear button in the top right.) find businesses partners, potential partners and other pages to like to fill up your business newsfeed.  Not only will they see you like their page, your page interacting with theirs means more views for your and more interaction from other business.

Did we miss something? E-mail with questions or advice about setting up your page.


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