Walking Amongst the Clouds

Imagine Digital Cloud Tutorial

We’ve spoke with many new clients that have a difficult time updating their social media sites when they are not at a computer or laptop that has access to their business files. The quickest and easiest fix to this problem is using a “cloud” server to make the files available to any computer that is connected to the cloud.

A cloud is a space provided by a third party business that gives you storage space to keep your files readily available from their server to any device you have their software. In short, you download an app on your phone or tablet and a file to your computer and the three are linked. Anything you add to one can be accessed by the others.

Here are the steps that you’ll need to take; we’ll be using Dropbox for this example but the steps work across most cloud platforms.

  1. Access Dropbox.com from a personal or work computer
  2. Pick an e-mail and password to be linked to the account
  3. Download Dropbox to your computer

At this point you will have a folder on your computer as well as an account on Dropbox.com. You can create new folders by clicking the “add new folder” button and add projects, photos and other files by clicking the “upload file” to make sure that you will have what you need at any given moment.

Don’t get overwhelmed the first time you log in. There is a lot presented to you but just imagine it like a folder on your computer’s desktop that you can drag and drop files into.

Remember: Navigation of anything new takes some troubleshooting. The first step is to make a new folder and put a file in it. From that point you’ll be creating files and folders in no time.


  1. Find Dropbox in Google Play Store or Itunes
  2. Download it onto your device
  3. Log in

You’ll see all of the folders you’ve created are available after a short “refresh” period on your phone.

Remember: It will take a little bit of time to load large files to each device. If you can’t see a file immediately reload/refresh the cloud server and it should appear shortly.


Sharing Files


You’ll notice when you click on a new folder you’ve created Dropbox has an option to share the folder.  All you have to do is:

  1. Click to share the file
  2. Enter in the e-mail with whom you’d like to share the file
  3. Dropbox will send an e-mail to the recipient that there is a file waiting to be shared with them.

The best part is they can download the file directly and do not need Dropbox. The recipient can also add files to the Dropbox folder (if they download Dropbox) that will be immediately be kept and available to share from the same file.

This makes sharing folders and files easy between associates or businesses with their social media provider.

If you feel like we’ve missed something or need help navigating your cloud software please drop us a line. Justin@imaginedigital.co


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