5 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

Media Resolutions 2014The New Year is upon us and everyone is making resolutions of things “to-do” or “not to-do” in 2014. We want to give you 5 things that you should be and should not be doing on Social Media in 2014.

  1. Make a resolution to budget in social media costs. Now is the time to budget out your social media advertising budget. Though the ROI is not as easy to track on an Excel spreadsheet great engagement leads to a great ROI for those that use all of their mediums correctly. Make sure you are actively producing new content and giving your social media writers the freedom to be unique. Make sure you have a social media advertising budget worked into your business’s yearly or quarterly budget.
  2. Make a resolution to stop thinking “likes” are an effective ROI. More and more social media advocates are teaching their clients that “Likes” do not equal Good Social Media ROI. Just because your large company has 20K+ it does not mean that people are engaging with your company or buying its products. You have to have a human behind the social media machine at least attempting to respond and interact with those interacting with your company. Their voice creates your voice and helps people to “consume” your product whatever that may be.
  3.   Make a resolution to put your logo on original content. You are paying a team to make sure that your content is seen. If your content is saved to a fan’s computer or shared on another network that shared content won’t be linked in any way back to you. It’s not the users fault; in fact they liked your content enough to share it which is exactly what your company wants. Adding a  small logo to a discrete corner of the social ad will lead people on any network back to your business. It’s a small thing that is often over looked but it can help your business be heard even away from its own pages.
  4. Make a resolution to use more networks and experiment. Social media is full of networks like Snapchat, Pheed, Whatsup and many other outlets that are relatively new and untouched by businesses. Talk to your social media team or agency about what they are trying to do with concerns to newer or less known networks. If you run your social media in house have your team focus some of their energy on staying ahead of the curve and even breaking new ground on less known social networks. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t keep track, everyone will want to see your data when it really, really works.
  5. Make a resolution to get personal. Social media is about people, not numbers. You have to have a voice and it has to be a voice that is empathetic and unique. If someone leaves a bad review or complaint take the time to respond. If someone talks about using your product, thank them openly for it with the voice of a real person not some spambot . Stop using automatic Direct Messages on Twitter! Seriously just stop. There is nothing less personal and more pushy than a automatic direct message. Be you, or hire someone else to be you but have a real human there to respond to real humans. It will make your small, medium or monopoly sized business seem worth buying from.

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