Learning from Rappers

What Social Media can learn from RapWhat Social Media Marketers Can Learn from Rappers.

Rappers have one of the biggest followings on Twitter and Facebook next to Tween idols. Even though some Rappers have accomplished Social Media Success through social media meltdowns, this article will not focus on what Rappers are doing on their own Social Media but what Rappers were doing before social media ever existed.

1.      Rappers Keep Up on Current Events

How many times have you heard a Rapper sing about a prominent sports player, politician or social event in their newest track release or mixed tape? Social Media marketers can take a page out of the rapper’s lyric book and make sure their social network feeds are current and prevalent as it pertains to daily, weekly and monthly events.

2.      Rappers Keep it Local

Rappers represent their local neighborhoods, cities and States. Rappers’ lyrics focus on communicating with their key audiences and talk directly to people that want to relate with them as artists. Whether you run a small business or 10+ clients, make sure you take the time to understand the company you represent and their key audience. Relating with those on your networks can lead to lasting relationships along with network growth through those that see your interaction with other. Making your content more effective means more likes and shares which leads to a faster growing network.

3.      Rappers Network

Rappers know how to network with other rappers. Every rap song has a celebrity or guest rapper on the track and to help cross-promote their new songs. To follow the rap example, you’ll need your social networks to work together. Don’t just reshare the same content across all of your networks. Make sure your content is fresh for each of your networks even if it is all relative to the same content you are trying to push.


Also: Social Media Networkers are networkers! Feel free to start interactions on Twitter, Linked in and G+. Social Networkers are great communicators and love sharing ideas that they’ve used in the past. Make sure you use your peer network as a tool to grow your social networks.


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