Advice for New Bloggers


Advice to Start-Up Bloggers

                We have the opportunity to work with plenty of new bloggers. The majority of new bloggers don’t know where to start and come to us with a .blogspot or .wordpress and are looking to start a website for their ideas or products. They do not however have a lot of money to put into their new star-up.

                After having worked with so many bloggers we have come up with some real advice to help them get their website up and running.

You’ll need:

 A Title

 Keep it simple and don’t worry too much on the name. You can’t get started until you finally decide on a name. Keep it simple and do your research.

 Start-up Cash

  1. You’ll need at least $20 for a host (Ipage is the cheapest).
  2. $30-$50 for a theme of your liking. Themes make your blog easier to customize than your stock creative options most .blog addresses provide.
  3. Professionally created Blog $500-$1,000 depending on difficulty (not necessary)

 Learn the Ropes

Don’t worry if it’s a Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, Joomla or any of the other website providers, you’ll get it down with some research. Youtube is your friend and should be used for tutorials on how to use whichever website provider you decide on.

 It’s All about the Content

Once you’ve learned to run your blog don’t focus so much on the Name, logo or intricacies of your blog. FOCUS ON THE CONTENT. People come to your blog to get your advice or buy your product and changing your logo or background weekly looks unprofessional and makes it hard to establish an identity with your customers.


You’ll see more views on your blog on days that you post new content. Make sure your followers know when you post. Try and use set days for normal posts, if your followers know you post Sundays they will come back Sundays. Consistency let’s people know that you are serious about blogging and helps build a following. If you miss (and begin to miss consistently) don’t expect people to come back consistently.


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